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That Little Black Dress

That Little Black Dress

When we think of timeless pieces of a wardrobe, we usually think: Simple. Elegant. Looks good on just about anyone… right? An example of an accepted “timeless” piece is the long-revered little black dress. Vague though its name, when the phrase is mentioned, most likely all women (and probably even men, for that matter) picture something similar: A simple, maybe-strapless-maybe-strappy, shortish, basic cocktail dress – in the color black, of course. So what is it about the little black dress that makes it so timeless?

Because of its elegance and affordability, the little black dress has grown in popularity and become a go-to outfit for every women's wardrobe. Today the little black dress is considered by many women to be an essential component of the wardrobe. Fashion and style gurus even tout that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress. 

Not everyone wears (or even likes) the color black. Some women may not feel comfortable in dresses at all; or – might love to wear dresses, but only if they can be pulled off with a favorite pair of Birkenstocks and a jean jacket thrown over it. Still others may not have the option to wear a little black dress for religious reasons. Ultimately, while it’s true that the little black dress will be owned and worn by many, probably for years to come, women should give themselves permission to buck tradition if the little black dress isn’t for them.  

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